Ramsey Manor Lower School

Where have our rocks been found?

Values Rocks

Everyone at Ramsey Manor made a 'Values Rock' during our recent Values day.  We decorated and wrote our favourite value on our pebble.  Then everyone took a pebble home to place somewhere where it could be found by someone else.  We hoped they would then take a photo of it and send it to us before placing it elsewhere for someone else to find.  And they have!  Here are some that have been found ....

* Leighton Buzzard * Southwold * Marston Village Warwickshire * Taiwan* Guangzhou airport *  Hong Kong * Buckingham Palace * Clophill  *  Flitwick *  Stopsley *  Barton-le-Clay *  London *  one on its way to Derby! * St Neots   Barton Hills *  Billericay * Ashford, Kent * Cornwall *  La Tzoumaz, Switzerland * Donsol, Phillippines * Ashby Drive, Barton * Dijon, France * Norman Road, Barton *  

Don't forget to tell us where you find the stones - we want to know how far the Values word is spread!