Arnold Academy

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Year 3 - Yellow and Green


Greetings from Year 3!

Welcome to Yellow and Green Classes!

Our teaching team consists of Mrs Younger (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Hepburn (Thursday, Friday) in green class and Mr Linney in yellow class. Our support staff are Mrs Randall, Mrs Buss and Mrs Knox

We follow the National Curriculum for lower key stage 2 and the Agreed Syllabus (Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton) for Religious Education. Now the children are in Year 3, they are moving along their learning journey from key stage 1 to key stage 2. This is where we build on the basic literacy and numeracy skills learnt to foster more independent learning opportunities.

During the year we have lots of opportunities to enrich our curriculum, including an Educational Visits, Celtic Harmony and Luton Mandir, a clay workshop linked to our spring Egyptian topic, a visiting Egyptian workshop and various Sports Festivals.