Ramsey Manor Lower School

Ramsey Manor Lower School Staff 2018-2019



 Mrs Alex Freaks







Mr Robert Smith


Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection

Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Forest School Leader

CPD Co-ordinator

Subject Leader for Modern Foreign Languages and International Co-ordinator

Play Therapist




Deputy Headteacher

Class teacher for Orange Class - Year 4

KS2 Leader

Subject Leader for Maths

Assessment Leader

Mrs L Trapp


Senior Leadership Team

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo)

Manager of the ASD Provision (Gold Class)

Pupil Premium Leader

Mrs S Castlo

Senior Leadership Team

Class teacher for Blue Class - Year 2

KS1 Leader

Subject Leader for ICT 

Mrs E Skerman


Class teacher for Diamonds Class Rainbow - Reception & Foundation Stage Leader

Science Subject Leader

Co-ordinator for Values Education

Mrs K. Armitage


Class teacher for Indigo Class - Year 1 (part time)

Subject Leader for English


Mrs A. De Luca


Class teacher for Green Class - Year 3 (part time)

Subject Leader for PSHE and Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Mrs S. Corley

Class teacher for Silver Class - Year 2

Shared Subject Leader for ICT

Miss E Watts

Class Teacher for Violet Class - Year 1

RE Subject Leader

Miss K Harris

Class teacher for Yellow Class - Year 3


Mrs C Hindess

Class Teacher for Red Class - Year 4 (Friday)

Shared Subject Leader for Maths

Eco Committee

Miss S. Hing Cover teacher
Mrs A. Linney

Class teacher for Stars Class Rainbow - Reception

Subject Leader for Music

Mrs N. Buckhurst

Class Teacher for Indigo Class - Year 1 (part time)

Subject Leader for Science


Mrs E. Parish

Class teacher for Green Class - Year 3 (part time)

Subject Leader for Art

Mrs M. Sanders

Class teacher for Red Class - Year 4 (part time)

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Subject Leader for PE



Mrs S. Buss

Teaching Assistant in Green Class    

Assistant Forest School Leader  


Mrs J. Callanan

Mrs S. Annetts

Teaching Assistant in Violet Class (part time)  
Mrs M. Chapell  SEN Support Assistant  

Mrs C. Goss


Miss A Ryan

Teaching Assistant in Indigo Class

(part time)

Teaching Assistant in Indigo Class

(part time) &


Mrs L. Hathaway


Mrs K. Toon

Teaching Assistant in Blue Class

(part time)   &  Lunchtime club

Teaching Assistant in Blue Class (part time)


 Mrs F. Horsler SEN Support Assistant (Gold Class)  
 Mrs T. Bowden Teaching Assistant (Gold Class)  
Mrs H. Janneau

Teaching Assistant in Red Class

Teacher of French - whole school


Mrs S. Jones

HLTA whole school

Pupil Premium Support


Mrs R. Kumar HLTA whole school  

Miss B Noonan

Teaching Assistant 

SEN Support Assistant


 Mrs S. Longdon Nursery Nurse (Gold Class)  

 Mrs N Gresham

Teaching assistant in Gold and Rainbow


Mrs L. Norman Teaching Assistant in Rainbow Class  

Mrs K. Randall

Mrs A. Ryan


Teaching Assistants in Silver Class

(part time)


Mrs A. Smart

am - Teaching Assistant in Yellow Class

pm - Teaching Assistant in Reception


 Mrs D. Smith

am - Teaching Assistant in Orange Class

pm - Teaching Assistant in Reception





Mrs M. Waite HLTA in Rainbow Class  


Mrs H. Aylott

Mrs C. Evans


Finance Manager

Office Manager

Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Mrs S. Annetts Admin Assistant (part time)


Lunchtime supervisors - MSAs

Mrs A Smart -Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss J. Burr

Mrs S. Buss

Mrs C. George

Miss S. Jepps

Mrs L. Maguire

Miss B. Noonan

Mrs E. Bibbings

Mrs D. Smith

Mrs R. Smith

Mrs F.Costin

Mrs M. Deacon

Mrs N. Mistry

Lunchtime supervisors





Mrs J. Taylor

Mrs C. Clark

Miss S. Buckingham

Miss A. Bowers


Kitchen Manager


Kitchen staff



Mr T. Jones

Mrs D. Curran

Mrs T. Robbins

Mrs R. Smith

Mrs D. Smith

Site Agent




Cleaning Staff