Ramsey Manor Lower School


Sports Premium Statement 2017-18

The Government has allocated a specific grant of £18,340 for Ramsey Manor Lower School this year (depending on number on role).  The purpose of these additional funds is to extend and enrich the PE and sports opportunities that can be offered in school. This funding is part of the Olympic legacy and will dovetail into all of our work to encourage healthy lifestyles.

At Ramsey Manor Lower School, the governors and staff will ensure that this funding will be spent to achieve maximum and sustainable impact. This coming year 2017-2018, we plan to spend the Sports Premium as follows:

  • To continue to purchase membership of the Redborne Sports Partnership. Thus providing a range of sporting activities and festivals for the children and continued professional support and training for staff. (£2,300)
  • To provide six weeks of swimming lessons for Year 2 as well as Year 3, fulfilling the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum requirements. (£600)
  • To continue to utilise the Anomaly Network Systems (Screen in foyer and external screen on playground) to advertise and promote healthy eating and exercise. (£4,400)
  • To run Lunchtime Sports Clubs (Mondays and Fridays) by employing Premier Sport coaches to ensure all children access regular outdoor exercise. (£1,700)
  • To maintain Lively Land area in order to provide safe outdoor space for Active Outdoor Learning Opportunities including physical activity, orienteering, Forest Schools activities etc (£1,000)
  • To pay a teacher to work 3 hours per week to co-ordinate PE within the school, including organising all festivals, swimming lessons, Bike-ability, Chance to Shine Cricket Sessions, Speed-Stacking Competition, Lunchtime Lessons and Play Leaders. (approx. £4,600)
  • I-Pads (1 per class) to record PE lessons for both assessment purposes and for teachers and pupils to review and evaluate work. (£3,300)

The impact of these initiatives will be tracked by the PE Subject Leader and progress will be reviewed by the Governing Body. The Governing Body will review value for money and the development of in house expertise.

The development of high quality sports opportunities for all children continues to be of high importance at Ramsey Manor Lower School and our purpose is to maintain the Gold Level Kite Mark, which we have achieved every year since 2013.

Alex Freaks Head Teacher February 2018

For more details on the School PE and Sports Strategy please visit: http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/adminandfinance/financialmanagement/primary

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